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The New J.J. Carroll Apartments

130 Chestnut Hill Avenue, Brighton, MA

Under Construction

About This Project

Construction began in October 2021 with the demolition of the J.J. Carroll apartments, two years after the Boston Housing Authority (BHA) selected 2Life to redevelop the J.J. Carroll apartments in June 2019, following a competitive Requests for Proposals. Since the designation, 2Life has worked closely with J.J. Carroll residents and BHA on a plan to replace the existing buildings with a new building that is more comfortable, energy efficient, and accessible, including universal design and adaptability features that aim to enable residents to stay in their apartments as their physical needs change. 

  • Construct 142 apartments – replacing the existing 64 apartments (all current J.J. Carroll residents were temporarily relocated during construction and will be invited to return to the redeveloped property), and creating additional new affordable homes for older adults
  • All apartments will be affordable to households earning up to 60% of the Area Median Income ($56,400 for a one-person household and $64,440 for a two-person household, as of 2021) with additional subsidies for many apartments to serve households at 50% AMI and lower.
  • Integration with 2Life’s Brighton Campus including access to all its programs, services and community spaces
  • Universal design and adaptable features in every apartment and throughout the development
  • Approximately 11,000 square feet for a Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) Center — a unique healthcare program, targeted to frail low-income people ages 55 and older, with community-based health and home care services
  • Building and site design that is responsive to the neighborhood, including public open space and neighborhood-oriented retail near Chestnut Hill Avenue
  • The J.J. Carroll Redevelopment received Article 80 approval from the Boston Planning and Development Agency board on February 13, 2020. More information on the Article 80 approval is available here.
  • All relocation from J.J. Carroll apartments was completed by the end of 2020 

Contractor: Dellbrook 
Architect: MassDesign 
Landscape Architect/Civil Engineer: Stantec
Legal: Klein Hornig LLP
Owner's Representative: WaypointKLA

The demolition of the former J.J. Carroll apartments has been completed and construction of the new apartments began in November and is  expected to be complete by the end of 2023. 

We are committed to keeping our residents and neighbors informed while we are under construction.

If you have any immediate concerns about safety, noise or access, please contact the appropriate designated representative. 

If there are questions or concerns that relate to immediate/emergency site conditions, please email: 

John McGinnis
Dellbrook Project Manager
Phone: 321-698-3832
Email: jmcginnis@dellbrookjks.com 

Dana Marcotte
Dellbrook Project Superintendent
Phone: 617-828-1159
Email:  dmarcotte@dellbrookjks.com

If there are questions or concerns related to schedule or upcoming work, please call or email:

Lisa Kozol
Real Estate Development Specialist
Email: lkozol@2lifecommunities.org 

Joe O’Toole
2Life Director of Facilities
Phone: 617-912-8426
Email: asamuels@2lifecommunities.org 

Denise Hamilton
Executive Director, Brighton Campus
Office: 617-912-8403
Email: dhamilton@2lifecommunities.org 

Construction Updates as of February 21, 2023

Overall Schedule

Estimated Start

Estimated Completion

Building Construction

November 2021

August 2023

Affirmative Marketing & Leasing

February 2023

August 2023

Landscaping & Site Finishes

May 2023

July 2023

Certificate of Occupancy

August 2023

August 2023

Residential Lease-up/Occupancy

August 2023

December 2023


Project Update and Upcoming Schedule:

  • The building has taken its final shape. The building is weather tight and closed in. 
  • Windows are installed and exterior siding work has begun. 
  • Drywall installation is in process and interior painting has started.
  • Temporary heaters have installed to keep the building warm to protect the interior finishes and allow work to continue throughout the winter.
  • The Element Care PACE Center interior fit out work will begin in a week.
  • Dellbrook personnel on site daily
    • Kathleen O’Brien (assistant supt)
    • Dale Loring (supt)
    • Dana Marcotte (Senior Supt)

For live shots of the J.J. Carroll Redevelopment site click here.

At this time, we are accepting lottery applications for the J.J. Carroll House. 

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If you would like further information about project planning and zoning, please email us at realestate@2lifecommunities.org.

At this time, we are accepting lottery applications for J.J. Carroll House. Click here to learn more