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John Covington J.J. Carroll resident
For John Covington, visiting the on-site gym at the newly built J.J. Carroll House is part of his daily ritual. Every morning, he uses the Nautilus equipment and lifts weights to maintain his strength. This is more than just a fitness routine for John; it is a testament to his belief that staying...
Brown Family House street view
Cindy Katzeff, executive director of the Brown Family House, knows the power of community spaces. “More than 10 years ago, we began examining the emotional wellbeing of seniors and saw that loneliness and isolation were major problems,” says Cindy. “These issues can be as detrimental to health as...
Cheryl and Anna on Brighton Campus
J.J. Carroll House resident Cheryl Pavlik believes creating a sense of community begins with something simple: a comfortable, cozy space where you can sit down, talk, and be yourself. Shared, informal spaces allow people to connect casually and build relationships, one interaction at a time.
Passive House chart
2Life Communities utilizes the highest standards of universal design, adaptability, and sustainability in every project. Passive House is a set of construction principles and 2Life’s primary construction method to address energy usage and resiliency, bringing improved health, economic, and...
Zoe Weinrobe
Thoughts from Zoe Weinrobe, 2Life Chief of Real Estate: Overcoming funding challenges to develop affordable senior communities