2Life’s statement on Israel

We watch the terrorist attacks on Israel with horror and deep sadness. We stand with Israel at this time of national trauma.

2Life Communities believes that everyone deserves to age in safe, supportive communities. However, that is not possible when one’s safety, or the safety of one’s family, is threatened.

We decry these terrorist attacks, we grieve for the loss of life, and we bear witness to the trauma it has wrought.

These attacks have caused profound and personal anguish for our residents, some of whom have fled violence, and for our staff, families, and friends. In the midst of our own fear and grief, our hearts and minds are with those who are on the front lines fighting this terror, those who are grieving, those who are sick with worry over missing loved ones, those who have been kidnapped, and those who cannot live in safety.

We wish for the people affected by this crisis the same things we wish for all people: safe, inclusive communities with the kind of enriching, uplifting environments where all can thrive.  

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