Audrey Broner

Director of Evaluation
Audrey Broner

Audrey comes to 2Life with more than 30 years of program administration and evaluation experience. She believes that accurate data is essential to measure the impact of  2Life’s programs and services. Audrey led the acquisition, customization and implementation of 2Life’s resident database, which informs staff’s practices and program development. She is fully committed to supporting data informed decision making and fostering a culture of impact and learning.

Prior to her work at 2Life, Audrey served as the Director of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control for the departments of public health of both Santa Clara County (California) and Maricopa County (Arizona), where she directed the development and implementation of numerous innovative healthcare and support services for persons living with, or at risk for HIV.

Audrey has a Master’s in Business Administration from Columbia University with a focus on nonprofit management.

"I am passionate about ensuring that older adults have access to high-quality housing and the supportive services enabling them to age well. So it makes me defiantly joyous to work at 2Life where residents thrive in our dynamic and nurturing communities."