Deborah Cutler, LICSW

Director of Programs and Healthcare Integration

Debbi is passionate about combating ageism and the belief that one’s age is something to hide. She believes wrinkles, gray hair and age spots are badges of honor that should be embraced. That belief has guided her more than 30-year career combining social work services focused on older adults with experience in program development and management in affordable, supportive housing, including healthcare integration.

Debbi came to 2Life Communities from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, where she served as a social work manager. Previously, she was the director of behavioral health at Hearth, Inc., an organization dedicated to ending elder homelessness. Debbi received her MSW with a concentration in gerontology from Boston University.

“Being defiantly joyous means finding meaning and beauty in all that we do—even in adversity. People who have lived a long life, and especially those who have endured hardships, are survivors who can teach us all a great deal about perseverance and resilience.”