Elijah Lapson

Chief Technology Officer

While technology has changed considerably over the past quarter century, Elijah’s goal of tapping the power of information to help others has not. Over more than 25 years managing enterprise systems, he has provided expert leadership to information technology teams. At 2Life Communities, Elijah applied his expertise to help meet the challenge of the pandemic, including a mobile device lending library and telehealth carts and a mobile app to enable staff to track COVID test results and vaccination information.

Prior to joining 2Life Communities, Elijah has worked for private sector software companies and as a consultant for the federal government, including the White House, where he supported the archiving of information in the presidential library. In more than a decade at the non-profit Facing History and Ourselves, Elijah oversaw the integration between the public website and the corporate CRM system to give educators a personalized experience for accessing teaching resources. In the senior living space, Elijah has created innovative solutions including “smart rooms” which include voice assistants and IOT sensors to create lighted pathways to provide a safe nighttime environment.

“I am defiant and steadfast about making information easily accessible, while adapting to the constant evolution of technology.”