Lizbeth Heyer

Vice President

For Lizbeth, ensuring everyone has a safe, affordable home is her life’s work. She has more than
35 years of nonprofit and public sector experience in affordable housing development,
planning, policy, and advocacy. Since joining us in 2014, Lizbeth has led our growth and
innovation initiatives, developing and modernizing more than 1,000 subsidized apartments;
launching Opus, our new middle-market product; and integrating healthcare programs and
financing with 2Life’s housing strategy.

Prior to joining 2Life, Lizbeth served as Associate Director of Public Housing and Rental
Assistance for the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development. There,
she led initiatives to preserve and reform the state’s public housing system, expand the state’s
rental voucher program, and create the HomeBASE program that provided housing for more
than 6,000 homeless families. Earlier in her career, Lizbeth led real estate efforts for the
Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation and worked as a community organizer
leading local, state, and national efforts to preserve expiring-use subsidized housing.

Lizbeth serves as the chair of the Newton Housing Partnership and on the board of the Citizens
Housing and Planning Association. She has a master’s degree in urban planning from MIT.

“I am defiantly joyous in my efforts to ensure that everyone enjoys their right to housing they
can afford. I take joy in planting things and helping them grow.”