Peter Casparriello

Portfolio Director of Maintenance
Peter Casparriello

Peter's philosophy centers on the belief that clear communication is the cornerstone of successful collaboration, encompassing the vital aspects of resolving challenges and ensuring individuals feel heard, acknowledged, and valued. He firmly believes that by fostering open dialogue and understanding, even the most intricate challenges can be overcome. With an impressive career spanning over 30 years in facilities management, property maintenance, and service industries, he stands as a multifaceted and reliable professional. His expertise shines through in his exceptional ability to foster strong team dynamics and culture, communicate effectively, and navigate complex challenges with a thoughtful and articulate approach.

At 2Life Communities, Peter takes on the role of a guiding force, overseeing the operation, maintenance, and administration of the physical facilities. He undertakes the crucial responsibility of maintaining operational integrity and facility upkeep while showcasing his innate ability to adeptly oversee contractors, vendors, and inspectors. This further highlights his skillful approach to deftly navigating problem-solving and conflict resolution. Peter's unique superpower lies in his unparalleled skill to build relationships and address issues through his remarkable communication abilities, creating an environment of understanding, equity, and collaboration. His dedication to fostering a positive team culture is evident in his interactions with residents, staff, and vendors, setting the standard for excellence in maintenance standards.

Peter is a proud Boston College graduate, holding a Bachelor of Arts in Communication.

It brings me joy and pride to offer a supportive service, contributing meaningfully to the happiness, safety, and comfort of the 2Life community.