Elevate | News From 2Life | Fall 2023
News From 2Life

Elevate | Winter 2023

In Volume 2, No. 4:

  • Integrating housing, health care, and home care: A multidimensional approach to aging well
  • The integrated model in action: A day in the life of 2Life residents
  • Thoughts From the Vice President: Mobilize for aging in community: It's the right thing to do
  • Front Row Leadership: Shixuan Ai: Orchestrating Joyful Connections

Previous Issues of Elevate

In Volume 1, No. 2: 

  • The new Leland House: Transforming a former “rest home” into a modern, vibrant, active community
  • Donor Impact | 2Life Connect: Inspiring innovation through conversation
  • Front Row Leadership | Vaneza Guzmán: Stepping up, building community
  • The Volunteer Experience | Ben Boverman: Translating technology, creating connections
  • Resident Wisdom | Tarita Henry: Moving forward with gratitude
  • Opus: A community of like-minded people is taking shape
  • 2Life News in Brief | Groundbreaking, Fundraising, Partnerships, Awards, and More!


In Volume 2, No. 3:

  • 2Life Dining Services: Providing healthy food with love
  • Thoughts From the Vice President: Dining services meet needs for good nutrition and social connection
  • The Volunteer Experience: Group volunteers bring the outside community in
  • Front Row Leadership: Lauren Hathaway: Inspiring enthusiasm for Opus Newton
  • Green Leadership: Building sustainability into every 2Life community
  • Resident Wisdom: A life expressed in science, song, and poetry
  • Donor Impact: Paul and Marcia Rosenberg: A legacy of caring